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This is the VapeSnail, Atmizone’s new rebuildable tank atomizer concept for Billet Box and Boro compatible AIOs.

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The VapeSnail takes many steps forward, as it is much more than just another rebuildable bridge.

Being an RTA with a custom dedicated tank of its own, it features real time access to deck and real time ability to change the air flow tubes, plus a custom condensations plug with optimal sealing ability and it’s own absorbent material, and many many more features you will love. Its tank is made of a special medical grade plastic called PCTG. It’s the same plastic that is used for approved baby bottles and medical appliances, FDA approved, totally safe and 100% resistant against cracker liquids. The tank hosts a large front port for refilling purposes, with a silicon cover which is easy to remove and replace in an instant. If you take the VapeSnail out of its AIO nest, and flip it upside down, you can have access to deck in seconds, by just pulling the tank section off the Deck section. The deck features a huge space which is able to host many different approaches of one-coil rebuilding, from simple round wire to large exotic coils. The air flow of the VapeSnail is dialled in by a set of Positive Tubes with different inner diameter. By choosing your preferred inner diameter out of five fixed flow AFC Tubes (2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0mm inner D), you can have a tighter or more loose draw from loose MTL, RDL to a full open 4mm DL, having the air flow adjusted right under the coil. This largest one of the tubes also serves as a nest for a set of four pins to adjust to tighter air flow for MTL / loose MTL vaping. Most important, you can switch AFC Tube (and consequently MTL Pin as well) any time, even with full Tank and a build on the Deck. The Tubes not only control air flow right under coil but also serve as adjustable positive pole of the VapeSnail. Normally you screw them in all the way, but they can be adjusted lower if needed for use with certain Boro compatibles other than the Billet Box.  The versatility of the VapeSnail is further facilitated by an amazing part which also comes out of the box, the Chamber and Chimney Reducer. When in place, the CnC Reducer forms a restricted chamber and a narrow Chimney (2.5mm) suitable for MTL builds. When removed, the chamber opens up and the diameter of the chimney increases to 4.0mm, ready for open RDL / DL setups. The VapeSnailfeatures its own condensations proofing design, with a custom Plug. The Plug is a custom silicon sealing gasket which helps so that you will have minimum condensations (if any) inside your AIO. Its sealing function is supported by the Absorbent Pad, a small round synthetic wick, easily replaceable, which absorbs any condensations piling up inside the air channel.

With its amazing potential, real time access to deck, real time fixed air flow swap ability,  easy refill system, easy rebuilding and complete package overall, the VapeSnail is much more than just another rebuildable, introducing a unique RTA experience to the users of Billet Box and Boro compatible AIOs.

This item will be sent with Royal Mail Special Delivery


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